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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


My laptop is gone. FOREVER.
Which means no more youtube and crunchyroll for me.

Maybe this is God's sign to make me study.
Oh man....
But looking on the bright side, i could get a nicer, sleekier, LIGHTER one.

Urgh. But still, all my photos and songs are gone......
All my past memories..

i really dont understand.
Nothing seems to be going right for me lately.. Firstly, i lost my wallet. Now my laptop. Wonder what i'm gonna lose next. Maybe my head or something.


I seriously cant stand my carelessness man.
Somebody hand me a gun please.. Gaahh.

I seriously have no mood for studying now laa.. Feel so empty and bare without my laptop.

Anyways, thank you Sam for accompanying me all over the plae to find my laptop.
You're so sweet!
And you being the one who's more anxious about my laptop than me. Hahah

To ZUl..
I'm so sorry i cant celebrate your b'day along with the rest
Hope you had a great time aie?

Could you please strike the person who took my laptop with a bolt of lighting or whatever and, mail my laptop back to me cos i'm really deprived of much entertainment now. Thanks!

signedsealed.7:02 PM

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A very nice song which i would like to share. Kinda like my heart song. (:
Though its not the original MV but i think this one is better as it has pictorial meaning and i guess it was made for someone he's missing. So enjoy! ((:

The Distance
by Evan & Joran

The sky has lost it's color
The sun has turned to grey
At least that's how it feels to me
Whenever you're away
I crawl up in the corner
To watch the minutes pass
Each one brings me closer to
The time you're comin' back

I can't take the distance
I can't take the miles
I can't take the time until I next see you smile
I can't take the distance
And I'm not ashamed
That with every breath I take I'm calling your name
But I can't take the distance

I still believe my feelings
But sometimes I feel too much
I make believe you're close to me
But it ain't close enough
Not nearly close enough

I'll brave fire and
I'll brave rain
To be by your side
I'll do anything
I can't take the distance

I will go the distance
I will go the miles
That's how much you mean to me

Cause I can't take the distance
I can't take these miles
I can't take the time until I next see you smile
I can't take the distance
And I'm not ashamed
That with every breath I take I'm calling your name

I can't take the distance
The distance
I can't take the distance anymore


signedsealed.8:32 PM

Monday, May 28, 2007

And so they say, monday blues..
Urgh. Been a little grouchy after i got back my OC quiz results.
Yes, i failed. again. ZZzzzz.
And the thing is i actually knew how to do those questions.
So irritating. =/

Had OC practical test which i didnt study at all for..
and i'm not putting my hopes high in getting a desired reasonable grade even though my theory answers were super long and directly copied from the practical manual. Hope that's not counted as plagerism..
I just so badly wana get this freaking module over and done with.

So many things been going through my mind but not convienient to vent it all here.
I just want things to go back to when it used to be fun joy and laughters.
No politics whatsoever..
Urgh. I miss those innocent days.
Guess these are all just part and parcel of growing up eh.

Seriously, not fun. at all.

And about studies..
Oh man where do i start.
Cant freaking understand any of my modules except OC and Aqua laaa.
And no i dont wana repeat any modules againnnnn..
Just when i needed you.

signedsealed.10:13 PM

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yeaa and it's the end of our e-learning week. Seriously i rather go to school man.. So many online assignments to complete. And probably the reason why i havent updated my blog. Urgh. But i'm glad it's all over now. Heh.

Thursday, 24th May 2007
We met up again to celebrate Zhi Yuan's b'day. We intended to go Turf City to have a steamboat celebration. But who knows, after waiting soooooo long for the bus at clementi to send us there, the steamboat restuarant was closed and we ended up going back to the food centre along Al Ameen to have dinner. =.= But dinner was great though and we played pool after that. Surprisingly Zhi Yuan sent me home and we walked all the way from JP to my house which is damn freaking far.. Lol. Anyways, Happy Belated Birthday =D

Friday, 25th May 2007
Attended Fiza and Dal's I&E movie marathon. Watched Step up, Just Follow Law and 300. They provided food and im guessing that there's something wrong with the food. Matt had serious tummy aches and i vomitted and had fever last night and am still having the fever now. ZZzzzz. Last night i literally hugged the toilet bowl to sleep and the feeling was damn horrible man.. Tsk. Hope its not food poisoning. But then again, just last week i kinda wished to have food poisoning so that i can pon school and best of all, slim down. Hahah. Oh wells.. (:

The funniest commercial i've ever seen. Sure to crack you up. Hahah

signedsealed.12:02 AM

Monday, May 21, 2007

These few days have been quite tirering but so much fun and exciting stuff are happening. We had CCTA practical on friday and it was super coooool. hahahh. We disected the chicken embryo. =DDD We did that to culture live cells and the end process was rather boring. And so it is (((((:

signedsealed.10:35 PM

Thursday, May 17, 2007

And so i met up with my sec school friends for dinner. Oh god i miss them sooooo much. HAHA. We gotta meet up again soooooon.


signedsealed.11:49 PM

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Wednesday, May16

It's been looooong since i last fed this blog with entries.. And nope i have'nt been missing. Just a little lazy to pen down everything cos there's simply way too much things to say.

Within these short few months, loads of stuff happened. Good and the bad. But i gladly say that i'm one happy girl now and i wana thank God for giving me such wonderful friends and company in times of need. Iim sure and i feel that i'm on speedy recovery from past hurts so dont you people worry.. (:

Going back to the very thing that happened after this blog died, SU FOC was the event that jump started everything. I'm really very glad and grateful that Caryn pulled me into this wonderful family but i'm sure i havent changed drastically.. Maybe i'm just too carried away with all the new and fun stuff that's been happening in my life. I still treasure you guys alot and i'm really sorry if i've caused any strains in our relationship. Maybe i was just too eager to move on. I'm trying my very best to get back to who i was before so please be a little more patient with me ya? I still wana keep this friendship going. (:

Ok so zooming back to an overview of what happened recently,

1) FOC was a blast. Everybody had so much fun and unforgettable memories. And not forgetting the superglued bond that bonded us, the GLs of dagonet so tightly. And of course, dagonet and esp dago4, you guys simply rock the whole of Camelot. =DDD

2) LSCT FOC was'nt as bad as i thought. I actually had great fun tending my freshies and they were really hyper and sporting. CHEERS to you guys! Veltro-ians you guys made your mama sooooo proud. =D


4) Goodbye long hair...... Now its short short short. No i dont regret chopping it off, but i kinda miss playing and tieing up my long hair when it's terribly hot. :(((

5) TOUCH RUGBY; my current new cca. Nicole pulled both caryn and i in. Just when i thought i'd only be going for only 1 session cos i didnt like all the dirt and muck, furthermore the profuse sweating and perspirering, yesterday was my 3rd session. Hahaha. It's really really fun and not as chor-lor as everyone stereotype it to be. Lol. But with skates training on thursday, i can only go for the all girls' training on tuesday. =/

6) I'm finally back on being a regular for my 2 other ccas. LOL.

7) Met up with old sec school mates. Oh how i miss them soooo much though i always see Karen Ang Wei Ling in school. Lol. And yea i saw chinwei on the way, kinda ruined my mood but it still didnt stop me from having fun with those two crazy people. =DDD

8) HOPNIGHT 2007. It was quite a bore.... But cam whore-ing was the only fun part. =DDD

9) And many many little outings and gatherings with SU and LSCT gls. ((:


signedsealed.11:15 PM




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