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Thursday, August 31, 2006

so long sinced i've blogged..hahas.anyways...exams are finally over!!yeay!!hees..so happy...NO MORE MATH!!hahahaha.tts if i din fail la..haha.actually exams over quite long le la..last paper was last fri...having too much fun till no time to blog..hahas.oh the other day he sooo sweet..he cooked for me to cheer me up 4rm the exam stress...hehe.so nice lo...so guilty i dn noe how to cook.haha.anyways....today's teacher's day eve.hehe.so fun la....actually din wana meet them cos very tired...but in the end i still went...at first cnt go in to the sch cos of dyed hair blah blah..den in the end i jus went in..haha.i was on the fone with cat then i slowly walk walk den i run into the sch...hahaha..so funny...the security guard blurr..hahaha.aft meeting the teachers we went to see LOVEWRECK at grand cathay....was the firs time there..very nice lor the place...hope he'll bring me there to catch a movie or smthn..really nice place...hehe.we like having ladie's night lik tt...haha.aft movie we sat at starbucks to do what we girls do best.GOSSIP.hahaha.we seriously lik ah sous...ahahh.ohoh!and the part where we rushed thru the rain...damn funny...haha.we laughed all the way to the grand cathay...haha.had a really fun day today...but i still miss my diary.=( he like forget me alredy!!lol.wana go to the zoo SOON.oh.and the beach..hehe.^^ i looooove the hols..hehe.but i still really really wana work though...but he dn allow....hais......i overspent alredy lor...and my pay still not in yet.so angry><>


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Sunday, August 20, 2006
Sunday, August20

just came back not long ago...we ate at Jack's Place for dinner..getting quite sick of this kinda food alredy..my sis sudd hav cravings for fresh oysters so the only place we could think of is Jack's Place...before that i had tuition..was really distracted...very disappointed la...hais..suppose to have tuition at 4..but cos very tired..so thought of taking a nap firs and pushed back my tuition to 5...i was sleeping quite soundly till he msged me..after tt i cant get back to sleep anymore even though i was still very tired..but since i cant get back to sleep and he's at je mac studyin..i thought i'd go there and accompany him or smthn..thought it would be really sweet and since we havent been seeing each other for quite a long time..i told him bout me comin and stuff but he didnt say he was with friends...i lied to my dad that my tuition was at 4.30 so he could send me there early..but when i reached there and asked where was he and he said"huh..i goin coffeshop eat leh"-.- hais...then i asked if he was with friends and he said yes..double sian...he could have told me in the first place...then i reluctantly said "nvm lor..u go lor..." smthn like tt..hoping he would take my hint and come accompany me or smthn afterall i gave up my sleep and went there early just to see him..but instead he said ok.....hais....tt time i really feel like crying lor...i felt so...so not needed, so extra and unwanted and unappreciated.hai.whatever la....so i went to the lib and find a seat but there were'nt any...at tt time i really damn sian alredy....and the worst thing is i think he doesnt even know i went there early just for him...even if he knows..it shows that he don't care...i should have just stay at home and do my own stuff rather than wasting my time there with all my efforts unappreciated. hais...nvm la..maybe im being too sensitive or too overworked up..but anyways...there wont be a next time..............yup.


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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Tuesday, August15

yeay!!i bought the shoe alredy!!hehe.actually, i bought 2 pairs of shoes...ahahahas.the one i wanted so badly actually dn hav my size 6...so reluctantly, i took the size 5..tho abit tight..but i love it too much...so the sales lady went to gt a new pair...and TA DAAA~there was the last pair of size 6!!hahahahahs..see....i told u we had fate...ahahahs...so happy!!!!oh n by the way, the shop is called Miss Selfeidge..lol..tt would b my fav shoe!!hahas.so pretty!!!!plus my darl bought it for me...ahahahas.56 bucks lehh...lol.but the other pair i paid myself...36bucks i think...we went to watch MY SUPER-EX GIRLFRIEND..lol..not bad la...quite lame actually...but..still nice tho..hahas.i think its the shoe again..hahahas.my mood lifter.....after the movie i bought the other pair of shoes at TOPSHOP....so nice!!!!hehehe.then after tt we went to eat ice cream..hehe.AZABU SABO's green tea ice cream tok kong man!!haha.simply the best....hehes.this time its not bcos of the shoe...its really damn nice..u guys should really try...hehes.anyways.i ordered the greentea ice cream as usual..and he ordered the black sesame...lol.erm..looks like cement la..hahas.but not bad too..but greentea's still the best.hahas.aft tt went for my 2nd round of tuition...tt one really spolit my mood....but before tt i met Zhiyong to collect from him the NDP goodie bag...hehe...so nice of him hor..hees..thnks!!so happy....but what a pity to end such a fabulous day with 2hrs of chemistry....sians....anyways...these r the fotos of my pwetty pwetty shoes and greentea ice cream..ahaha..^^

nice rite........ahahas,


signedsealed.10:53 PM

Monday, August 14, 2006
Monday, August14

yeay!!goin to buy tt shoe tmr!!hehe..so excited..its 56bucks...damn, its expensive..but i love too much to care bout the price..aha.oh.he SAID he wana buy for me as a surprise..ohwells.no more surprise now rite?hahas.was talking to pei ting the other day bout the shoe..and she said he will "secretly" buy it for me...lol..he's too superstitious la..other stuff mayb can..but shoes...uh uh..lol.we saw the shoe at Miss Selveidge(whatever the name is spelled) on thurs at marina square..we went there cos my dad said there would be fireworks..so while waiting for the fireworks to start at 9 we went window shopping and tts when we found the shoe..when it was almost time we found a spot at the Esplanade and wait for it to start..[21:00]waiting patiently..[21:10]still waiting patiently..[21:15]a lil pissed but still waiting patiently...[21:20]"hello mr..wat time is the fireworks starting?""its tmr ma'am" "....." SIAN-ED!!ya..all thanks to my dad's juicy info...hais..disappointed, we went to Makansutra and had chicken wings and or jian..and then i msged my sis to "complain" and she replied"now then u know ah.haha"..i was lik..WTF!!..lol..ohwelss im still happy tho..at least i still can get my shoe...hahaha..cant wait for tmr...hehe.mayb tt's what u call "fate"!hahahahahs....anyways the whole day i've been doin my math...but the whole time im thinking bout tmr..and my soon-to-be-mine shoe..hahahas..but i hope they're still there...if not i really sian lor....i sure cry!!hope they have my size too...stupid big feet...lol.IF i manage to buy i'll post a pic of MY shoe..hahas.and im gna wear it E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y..hahah.erms.if it matches my clothes la..haha.yeay!!no mood for studyin now...lol.ohh..i've been skipping ice n skates lately....so guilty...AND really itchy to skate now..hahas.hope mr justin president dont get mad..really busy with sch work la..really...hehe=Pohoh!!and out Taman Negara trip is CONFIRMED!!!!heheheheheh.so happy!!!life has never been sooooo....soo..so......ermm..interesting?lol.im like almost(ALMOST) having a perfect life..perfect bf..(just tt i still cant wear what i want..hais)..and grt friends..yupp^^i think its the shoes la..hahaha.my mood lifter..and of cos the thot of having to meet him for movies and buy the shoe..hehe.yeay!!*clap hands!!*ok im seriously goin crazy..lol.back to studyin then...toodles!~


signedsealed.9:19 PM

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Tuesday, August08

ok...its been awhile since i last blogged..nothin much happend this past few days or weeks la...just that i got back with my ex alredy...anyways.feeling suuuper sianed today..practical was nightmare..think im gna fail it...but tts nt the reason why im feeling so...arrgh.dn wana talk bout it la..just super dissapointed..till now im still quite bothered bout it...yesterday we went to watch the movie click..very nice movie..first time i cried in a theater.lol..anyways..my lecture ended at bout 10 plus..there should be practical after that but our ipc practical test is over so we do nt need to attend..so i sat down with sy to do our mol..she helped me finished it.lol.she's such a sweetie rite..hahas.hmm.after tt i went to meet him..we fused bout whether or nt we shld go over n accompany sy blah blah blah..in the end we did..his friends came along and he chatted with his friends and i chatted with sy.....and then i realised that the way he talked to his friends like different than the way he talk to me...i dont know if im just beng too overly sensitive but i keep having the feeling like he really has to lower his mentality or frequency to talk to me...he once said he really has to lower his standards to talk to me...its really saddening lor..i really liked the way he talked to me when we're not 2gther..i really wish that i was fast enough or smart enough to get what he's saying, share and talk bout stuffs(intelligent stuffs) or at least get his jokes..but seriously i feel very...hmm.not his type? well bel seems to hav the same frequency as him..cute, smart, pretty...clicks very well with him..mayb she's the type for him?i noe he loves me alot but what im worried is that what if time passes and with my frequency, his gna get bored over time and finally realises im not his type and then boom.playtime's over..i dn noe...i dont know how to tell him bout this cos its lik so weird la..i dont even know how to start this conversation so im writting bout it here so mayb he would notice and at least know exactly how im feeling...mayb this is the main reason why i was so down today i guess...he kept pressing me for answers on why im so moody 2day...ya..partly cos he FORGOT he has a "date" with me and went for his very very important meeting that he could not miss.plus.he din say sorry..till i told him he forgotten bout me..ohwells.its 11.30 now and he didnt say he's home..so i guess the meeting was extended??till so late??hah.mayb he's home alredy but he din bother to tell me..well, its his choice to tell me or not bahh..=) ohh.and here are the fotos with mogu..k la..only one.hahas.

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