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Friday, December 29, 2006
Friday, December29

ya im back..actually i came back on the 22nd.but no mood to blog whatsoever...japan trip was ok...not as fantatic as i imagined my whole life..the people there are nice.and the girls there are gorgeous..actually, not really la.ahah.their make up skills are just perfect.small eyes become big eyes.big eyes become bigger eyes.lol.oh and i love the weather there.so freaking hot here.anyways, it wasntvery fun cos everything was in japanese. even the rides and games in disneyland and universal studios are all in japanese.we stand there and lik, huh?.lol.yupp.i went to tokyo disneyland.not very nice la.and very crowded and mus que for at least 40min to 1hr per ride.really crazy..so people who are getting jealous that i went there, dont be..its nothing great.really.stuff there are expensive.like super expensive. so not much gifts for you people.haha.

these few days.....has been really boring..i really felt alone.hmm.guess i'll get used to this..he says im asking too much from him and im never satisfied..somehow i jus dont feel the great oh mighty love anymore..he's starting to care less..i may sound insecure..ya i am..but he doesnt seem to notice.today he chose his friends over me.and somehow he didnt tell me he went to eat with his friends at kap but said he was going home.i kinda hinted him and asked him when his meeting ended so that maybe he would suggest going out with me..but he said he was tired and wanted to go home.and in the end, he was with friends.he didnt look tired though.i met him at the bus stop. and so he left me to go somewhere with his friends..actually, its nothing la.i think im being to selfish.ya...guess what goes around comes around.i wonder what's next.and i wont complain ever again.

signedsealed.10:01 PM

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Wednesday, December13

thank you guys....thanks for being there and lending your shoulders for me to cry on...thank you zhen, grace, mogu, weechong, yeeting(if im nt wrong,haha), nessa, CARYN(thanks for ur shoulders and hugs=]), YIN(thanks for your company tt day..hehe.) , nigel, xiaohei, etc etc..and most importantly CAT..thanks for the long phone conversation and im looking forward to seeing ur "materpiece" haha.we're fine now.....just that i dont know whether we'll last this time or not...frankly speaking im nt very confident...but i'll give my best shot at it...all the cries for nothn.ahahah.sorry ya...=]LOVE YOU GUYS!!MUACKSSSSS* ^^

signedsealed.4:27 PM

Saturday, December 09, 2006
Saturday, December09

its just been a day and i feel so lost...i realised i cnt do without him..i suddendly felt tt everything just doesnt matter anymore...i dont think i can take it anymore...this feeling is so different from before..i dont think im ready for this brkup.but who am i to ask him to come back to me when im the one who left him in the first place?i nv felt so down and uner before....i really want him back.really.but im still afraid that history might repeat itself again...i dn wana hurt him another time.i dont want any quarrels.i dont want any cold wars...i just want us to be as sweet as this afternoon where we hugged and kissed our last goodbyes....he was so sweet and i jus cnt help wondering y this didnt happen when we're together....we both know that we dont suit each other...but..i love him too much to let him go and bother bout our differences....i wana promise i will change...but i hav no confidence in my promises.i want him to be happy.i want US to be happy..why is this so hard....before this i kept thinking tt soon another guy wld come along and i wld forget bout everything but the more i thought the more i was sure no one wld love me as much as he does.....my eyes are so swollen now that i cnt even open them.....i really need his right shoulder now.....friends may say im so foolish to giv up my freedom and all.....i just need him.i hate myself..

signedsealed.10:23 PM

Friday, December 08, 2006
Friday, December08

its been a long and terrible day...i hate my life so much.everything just dont go right for me.i failed in my studies, i failed in my r/s, failed in almost everything..we broke up.and it was during class.........wat grt timing..i just cldnt stand us anymore.everything jus turned out wrong..i wasnt for him and he wasnt for me...guess we just are'nt made for each other..i still love him but we just cnt "connect". im an outgoing person..always craving for fun fun fun.while he's those sensitive, conservative type..which really doesnt suit him..well, mayb afterall its an happy ending where he finds his perfect dream soul-mate while i find mine..its gna be really hard but i guess its the best for the both of us..guess he knows that too...i really hope we can be friends after 1yr and 10mnths..even though we failed in being lovers but mayb we'll be great being friends. i know he would'nt want us being friends cos i know he'll feel weird...just a hope mayb...im feeling really guilty now for ruining his birthday....i knew it was gna happen sooner or later..but did'nt know it was tt fast...i feel so terrible now.....but i'll get over soon i guess=)

to him: darling..im really sorry..i didnt meant for it to happen this way.i really wanted our ANF..but guess it didnt work out...hope u'll find a better partner den me..=)

signedsealed.7:18 PM

Friday, December 01, 2006
Friday, 01December

erm.sorry guys.didnt reply ur msgs.aha.erm.was kinda busy lately...was bugged by lots of proj here and there..quites stressed up also...ahah.anyways, lots of exciting things happened lately..but didnt hav the time to blog it down..haha.here are the stuffs that happened!:

NgeeAnn Poly's Atrium FLOODED.HAHA!
haha.the heading itself says everything alr right.ahaha.sooo funny.we were supposed to meet at 5 for the red camp thingy..but we dilly dally-ed and played some games and sudd water started gushing out from the floor..screams were heard everywhere cos some sec4's were there obviously because of the red camp and soon there were slippers floating around.ahah.i took a video of it but i dont know how to put it up here.sooo hilarious..ahah.oh.and daniel took a few pictures and our videos and sent it to STOMP.ahah.was a funny day..lol.NP was flooded for the firs time.of all the times it could flood, it flooded on red camp.lol.

hahahahahahahah.I HATE INFOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sweeyin passed can.......i like study till quite late in the night for tt bloody test LOR...and she just flipped through before the test=( hai..i seriously suck at info la.............and we're gna have a WRITTEN TEST on NETWORKING!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!?!omg................somebody save me please.......hai...i seriously need a break.

S&S Day FAILED.....
bad organisation.bad planning.bad MCee(whatever it's spelled).bad crowd control.bad performance.bad sound system.bad audience.EVERYTHING is bad.guessed that sums it up..and we got a good trashing after everything.GREAT.another reason for skipping GL=) i dont wana say names, but....there are quite a few people that really turned me off on that day.the crowd tt day was ok...but as the performance went on there were lesser and lesser people left.when it was our turn to perform, only 1/4 of the audiences were left.pathetic right?oh wells.hope we can do a better job next year=) but we had a fun time taking photos during the rehersals and the actual day though=)

we went to see her perform at her sch in SP...she's soooooo gd....i really look up to her for being so brave to step up to perform on stage and even made it to the finals.so proud of her..shu hui, nana, chinkoon, cai quan, tiac and her parents went to support her...i was quite shocked her parents went cos i think her mum was quite againts her doing this kinda stuff..lol.mayb im wrong=) she was soooo pretty on stage..so jealous la...ahhah.we went to imm to eat after tt and we saw winston working at the new coffeeclub there and he joined us aft work to have dinner..wat a grt reunion..ahaha.well im still looking forward to the coffeegossips between cat and i and of course shopping with pei ting and mogu!hehe.here are the pics!

erm..still gt sommore la but quite lazy to write bout it.firstly cos its nt that exciting and important.and secondly cos im lazy..ahaha.yupp.there are sommore fotos but teh photo uploader gt abit of prob so i'll post it some other bahh=)

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