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Sunday, September 24, 2006
Sunday, September24

ok..havent been blogging cos i was awa for campSS.k la.only 2..but enough to make me sick of jungle trekking n outdoor bathing.eewyuck.i have cursed and swear not to join any adventure camps that has mountain or jungle trekking.at least not in the near future like a yr or smthn..my opinions will change thou.haha.but seriously, its nt my type la..ya la.i enjoy the team spirit..the fun ..the team bonding time but when it breaks down to bathing outdoors, sharing toilets, cleaning them etc..nah-uh~.totally.TOTALLY freaks me out..damn disgusting la..imagine having a giant lizard or whatever creature starring at ur flawed body when ure bathing..how no sense of privacy lor..lol.but,the camp fire night was nice..oh.and i mean my GL camp we had on18-20 at Kota Tingi.the place sounds so nice and relaxing right??but hell no.it was jungle everywhere and for those who are as girly as me, trust me.u'll dislike it there..apart from the bridge that we had to cross everytime we leave the campsite, that was fun and nice..hehe.well....the camp overall was o..k.. la....lol. the campfire night was the best thou.we performed our "pau" act and won.ahah.we won in cheers too.im still wondering why we won cos we're not the most enthu group there or the most cooperative group.we were rather quiet..hmm.lol.ohwells.we won anyway.hahas.firs time in any camps and camp group im in my group never won..this time quite surprised.haha.we break camp on wed..i went ate pizza hut and played pool with nessa, sy, tom&jerry, jian ming and teh bing.haha.i was the one who called davin teh bing firs cos i heard someone mis-pronouncing his name and i heard it as teh bing.ahaha.well, he likes his new name now i guess.so unique hor?ahah.whatever man. anyways, aft tt i went hm and ask my dad send me to pasir ris..oh and i borrowed a tent from pei ting and aft meeting them and sit sit awhile at their chalet i took the cab to meet him.he was really angry cos i met him later.after awhile of sa-jiao-ing he gave in as usual.ahahah.hehe=D the wonders of being his girl.ahahah.but he never gets mad at his friends..so i hav a disadvantage over them.hmph.so not fair.lol.anyways we pithed our tent at eastcoast sommewhere.the night breeze was so nice..so cooling..in the middle of night was abit too cold but with him around it wasnt tt bad la..hehe^^ when we woke up in the morning it was so freakin hot.my goodness.lol.but all was fun..so romantic.wish we ahd more chances to do this again.hehe.


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Friday, September 15, 2006
September, 15

finally im back 4rm the camp.i went there excited and came back disappointed.totally.lol.i didnt know it was so "adventure".lol..all along i thought it was a holiday for us to relax or smthn.but good in a way cos i fell much fit-ter and thinner at the thighs..hahah.al thanks to the "mountain" climbings and cave crawlings...my goodness...the bat cave is damn disgusting i tell u..all the shit around and u gta crawl all through the cave....oh.and its damn smelly too....omg..........eEeeeee...but the water activities quite fun la..i'll never forget the part when samantha fell on my nose-.- and it still hurts till now...hais..ohoh.and i brought back coloured stones too..hehe.so pretty lor..i gt gold, red, pink, silver etc...when it's rubbed on a harder surface it sort of becomes a powdery form and can act as a eye shadow..ahaha.of cos im nt gna use it la...but jus for keeps sake...hehe.throughout the whole camp i keep thinking of the coming sat which is tmr...i cnt wait for the whole camp to end lor...cos can faster see him..dn noe y i miss him sooo much tt i become so psycho..smelling his shirt he lent me the whole night at camp....ahahahah.oh.and nt to mention i forgot to bring my pillow!!!arrgh!so angry with myself...lol.i forgot to bring alot of things lor....damn sian.well anyways..ITS FINALLY OVER!!lol.nxt mon gna be my GL camp..so not looking forward to it lor....this time i'll surely bring my pillow!!the worst thing tt happened to me in this camp is the hail of my my most dreaded nightmare.my period...damn sian la! it wailed its arrival just the day before the trip...the nxt worst thing tt happened to me is i actually forgot to bring my undies and have to use the disposable ones instead..i dn understand how i can actually forgot to bring such an important thing esp when im having my period...my goodness..i cnt stand myself lor....lol.anyways...the trip back to s'pore was fun..hahas.we sat the train back...it has beds!!weee~ i nv sat in a choo choo train before..hahaha.so nice la..better than taking a coach...much better...lol.he picked me up when i reached sch...very swt la..bt..can tell he's quite unwilling cos he's tired...tts wat i feel la...nt sure if its really lik tt...but still, its really sweet of him..at first i asked if he wanted to fetch me since my dad cnt send me hm..he was unwilling i can tell so i said nvm and suggested i go hm myself and he said ok and asked me to tc and stuffs.i so wanted to see him...just tt i din say..so was rather disappointed la..so i asked again to give him another chance..ahahaha.luckily he say yes if nt............hehehehehehe.heees^^ so bad right..i know..haha.=P cnt wait for the zoo trip tmr!!hehe.i havent tell my mum yt...hope she allows bahh...*cross fingers* yeay!


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Saturday, September 02, 2006
Saturday, 02Sept

just came back from sentosa with sy...hahas.actually suppose to go for the "WaterShock" event the bikini shop lady introduced to us..but in the end we headed for sentosa...why??COS ITS SOOO SIAN!TT'S WHY.lol.we went there totally jaw drop la....we thot its gna be cool..fun blah blah..but we're worng.dead wrong..the place is somewhere at the office buildings at Raffle's Place..and worst is we are surrounded by construction sites...how "cool" can it b??plus they havent really finish setting up their stuffs..even if so there's no "atmosphere"..lik everybody's doing their own stuff..they really neglected the -not in uni- ppl...lol.luck he cnt make it..if nt he sure sian one...lol.so......we went to sentosa instead!abit dumb to go on a weekend la..but bo bian..hahas.sentosa is way fun then the W aterShock..but anyways we got the freebies n chao alredy...we were given a T-shirt and a magnet tt looks lik a creative nano mp3...sy was sooo crazy over it n she says the 5 bucks is worth it-.- hahas. anyways..when we reached there we found a spot to sit down and tann..soon later we went into the water to "play" lol...aft tt getting sooo burnt we went to sit the luge ride...ahaha.so fun..my idiotic helmet keep falling off my head...really spoil the whole time lor..idiot..lol.i wana go with him to play some day..hehe.really fun lor...=D and im lik sooooo burnt...hahas.my back hurts lik crap....and mo im goin again with nessa n sy...hahah.i loooove the beach...really nice place to relax n get burnt...hahas.ohoh!!n i tell u ahh...the lor mee at the harbourfront kopitiam damn nice!!hahaha....gna eat tt
again on mon i guess..hehe.^^

*the last foto is a shot of me, sy n my stupid helemt.><

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