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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

yeay!!tomorrow gonna have my ever first in-line skates training!hahaha.so fun...ohoh!and i bought my hockey skates yesterday..hahas.so happy!!^^well..really hope i can cope with my school work considering i have 3 ccas already..that's IF i got in for the GL auditions la..maybe i'll drop it if i find its eating in into my study time.. anyways..my hockey skates nice right?!?hahas.its $160 only la..its considered quite cheap already..hehe.poor wee chong cant find his size..so for the next few fridays or maybe forever he has to rent the house skates.haha!but confirm fall one la...never tried to skate with this kinda skates before..=( lol.hmm..today's school was fine..lectures werent that boring..ohoh!!i dreamt of him again.......and 3 handsome guys!!wahaha.my dreams all damn crazy one la..lol.i dreamt he was with some other girl..and he said hi to me....really sad la..cos its just a hi..hmm.anyways, those 3 annonymous guys really made my day..hahas.yupp..can say that im enjoying my "singlehood" now with all the unlimitted freedom im having..but there are times when i really want him that badly again..but the thought of losing all that im having now saves me from those thoughts...reading his testimonials..i kinda feel really weird...kinda upset..but ohwells.i should'nt disrupt his life again..afterall i've hurt him so badly...the number 16 somehow has become my fav number..i dont know why also..and i dont wana think so much..afraid that i may lose control..as for now..studies and skating are my priority..so are my friends la of course..so yupp..guess all these are enough to occupy and refrain myself from thinking about him..kinda miss him..lol.lalalalalala~whatever.tommorow's gonna be a GREAT day.i hope.=)


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Sunday, June 25, 2006

that's m new skates!!!hehehehe...this thurs goin for training..actually havent join in the club yet=P scalythey dont let me join..like that then jia lat alredy..hahas.so now in total i have 3 ccas!!ice-hockey, in-line skates and GL.yeay!!lol.the GL plannin to join with nessa..sort of like pei her..hahas.and and..wee chong pei me go get the skates after my church together with my parents and siblings..and my mum say he's good looking!!omg.....lol!=Pshe say his eyes very nice.lol!!!his head damn big alredy la!!hahah.after trying out 2 pairs..finally bought that one which was originally priced at $299.then my dad bargain till $269=.= like ahh soh lor..still want the guy givr free giftSS( skates bag+strap+socks+screws)suuper dniao rite..my goodness.lol.my parents today like in super good mood la..after sending wee chong home we went to JurongPoint to buy my sister's TEVA slippers..before that we walked pass Anderson's and we each bought a 2 scoop ice cream..(mocha almond soooo nice!!)hehe.then we went into some shop anyd bought a skirt and jeans..hehe.we bought a new 3 in 1 printer sommore!!haha.today like christmas lor..haha.so happy^^..im off to try out my new skates!~hehe=^^


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Saturday, June 24, 2006

today was damn tiring!!we played "the Amazing Race"-JG edition.it's a youth group activity held by the youths basicly..we have to go all over S'pore..as in really WHOLE of S'pore..okla..abit exaggerating but we did travel back and forth both ends of the MRT line=.= ..our starting point was at church, which is at Lavendar..the first station was to BoonLay..but before we head off to our checkpoint, we have to describe the vicinity of the mrt station and that stranger has to guess the station that we are suppose to go..BUT!!if we're suppose to go BoonLay and the person guessed PasirRis we have to go all the way tto PasirRis and ask the strangers to guess where we're going again(which is @ BoonLay=.=)..that's if that person guessed the wrong station la..one of the teams kena lor!!so suay..they were at ClarkQuay..and their next destination was MarinaBay..so they have to describe MarinaBayand ask a stranger to guess the place they were going..i think cos the members described wrongly and the stranger said Pongol!!!so they had to go all the way to Pongol and ask another stranger to get back to MarinaBay..hahas!!fun right^^okok.anyways..at the first station..which was wat BoonLay, our challenge was to go to NTUC and shop for the list of items given within the 1hr or 45min given..cant really remember..we were given $30 to spend la..the whole NTUC was like so nisy can!!hahas.after gathering all our stuffs we had 20 min lunch break and after that we headed off to our 2nd station which is at ClarkQuay..then again..we had to ask strangers to guess the station we were describing..THANK GOD they guessed correctly..hahas..the train journey was damn long la..but at least we had time to rest and sleep on the train a lil while..hahas.our challenge there was to find TCC and buy a drink called "Peach Me Up"damn shiok!!!but its $6.20=( damn ex la...but its subsidised.all included in the 30 bucks..so its ok..hahas.so the 3rd checkpoint is MarinaBay..that's where the other group got forfieted to go all the wat to Pongol..hahas!so we approached strangers again and they guessed correctly!!hehe.our challenge at MarinaBay was to buy a kite within our remaining 30 bucks and fly it and let it stay there in the sky for 15 mins.=.=none of us flew kites before lor!!haha!we attempted a couple of times then FINALLY sophia got it up..she like pro lor!hahas.there were a number of teams ahead of us..but all of them got stuck trying to fly their kites..hahas.after 15mins was up we bite our string and jus left leaving the kite still way up in the sky..hahas.if the group didnt finish within the expected time they had to do forfeits la obviously..hmm.stuff like asking 2 strangers to cross the road and wave to you or ask a stranger to help you fly the kite..hahas.suuper lame la..haha.ok..so the 4th station which is the final one..was at Tampines..we asked another stranger to guess the place blah blah and ya we cleared that one too..the journey was suuper long too..good in a sense that it allows us to cool down and catch our breaths and of cos..appreciate the aircon..hahas.the challenge there was to find Tampines library and play a game of Mastermind..thr expected time to finish it was 45 min but we cleared it at around 10 mins la..hahas.the library was like miles away from the MRT station la..so we had to run a loooong way back...ohh.and we "jay walked" lots of roads during the race..lol!hmm.since we cleared all stations we had to head back to church to report..of cos we're not anywhere near the top 3 groups..ok la..we're no. 4 ..quite good alredy ok..considering we're 4 suuper "gu niang" ladies..we'er the only group that brought and used umbrellas lor..cos on the way back to church it rained..hahas..there were only prizes for the first group la...so bad=(lol..and the prizes were 3 movie tickets, a $20 trumpet praise voucher and a dining voucher PER PERSON.so good right?!?!?but too bad we didnt win..lol.if not can go watch Scary Movie 4 for free...hahas.yupp.that was basicly how my day went...should try orgaise something like this in school ahh..realli damn fun la..but suuper tiring...when i got back i just ploped on my bed and slept...hahas^^ohwells, time really flies...next monday start school alredy...cant wait!!^^


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Friday, June 23, 2006

->the cute little boy and girl we took hehe^^
jus came back from ice-skating..so fun^^finally learnt how to brake.-hockey style-.cool ahh??hahah!but not very pro yet.but nvm!nxt week continue practice..hehe.but damn tough lor...fell soooo many times..kee han taught me a few stunts..dont know how he did it also..my organs felt like it shifted places lor...my back now abit of problem also..lol.ohh.before that, i met up with wee chong first to have HIS lunch..then after that went to the rink bout 3 i think.and we skate skate practise and practise till 9 plus!!lol!madness lor..but super nice..hehe.oh..and that idiot wee chong and kee han keep spraying ice=.=one day!!i will pay back!hahas..realli must lor..lol.ohhohh..i've decided to join inline skating too!!hehe.trainings are on thursdays 6pm till lights out..so nice^^.justin also in in-line skates one..but hor!!must have your own skates first then can join the cca and practise lor..die la..gotta buy hockey skates and in-line skates..my dad's gonna scream man..lol!i must work!!nessa!!help me ask kk?!?!hehe..thnkiew!!hehe.monaye money money!!!!!!lol...................ohs!!jus now at je i bought this"long shi tang" so nice^^hehe.hope nxt fri hav^^hehes.


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Thursday, June 22, 2006

went shop shop at Bugis today..it kept my mind off thinking bout him and us for awhile...really temporarily forgot everything until nessa and sy left...anyways, i spent almost a 100 bucks can?!?!?!?!i really gotta find a rich husband man..hahas..don't know what i bought also..hahas..hmm.i bought 2 shorts,2 earings,1 bracelet, 1 necklace and 1 eye shadow...like that cost $100++ mehh?!?!?lol!!where all my $$$ go sia?!?lol!ohoh..i know liao..lunch, drinks at coffee bean, peanut pancake..hmm.still gt what ahh??....no more!!wahh..i really gotta work man..hope nessa can help me find jobT.T i need $$!!lol!shopping realli is a great way to distress..hahas.so fun!!but...coming back to my decision...i still dont know what to do...i dont know if i patch again, would be able to go shopping with the both of them or anyone again without having to worry bout somebody else's feelings or whatever..it all comes back to the word "freedom"..will i ever gonna get that if i patch....hais..somebody enlighten me please...........i really am in a delima...i miss him though...hais...*knocks head against wall*..whatever la..school's starting soon!!cant wait to get back ti school^^


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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

yst we chatted..and...we discussed bout being together again..i realli miss him..and i wana experience the sweets of being attatch once again..but i seriously dont know if i wana continue..im afraid i'll regret.then, we'll be back to square one yet again.im very sure he loves me alot and realli want us to work..but.so many things pulling me back.my love for freedom..mum's opinion..my friends'..i realli dont know what to do..did'nt really sleep well last night..kept thinking of all the "criteria" tt i hav to follow if we got back together..its nt alot realli..he cut down aaaaaaalot..but still, i'm not sure if im up to it..im nt sure whether i'll follow and promise never ever to lie again just to do the things i want..i've hurt him enough and i dont wana rub salt into his wounds...anyways..i requested to giv him an answer on the 16th of july.the main reason basicly is to realli think through and decide both of our fates cos i realli dont want hearts to be broken further.and the sub reason is cos if we are gonna start afresh, i want it to be on the 16th.if not..we'll end on the same date as we started.seriously i dont wana think of anything right now..but he's still dangling.and i know i should'nt hold onto him and not doing anyhing..my mind is in a mess now..so many voices circling in my head..to go for it or not to..all the pros and cons...frankly speaking i regreted talking to him online yst..if not i wont be in such a delima..luckily i hav sweeyin and vanessa to pei me go shopping to temporarily forget everything and relax....till then, i hav 27 days to make my final decision..i realli hope that day would arrive as long as possible...i know if i reject him, we wont be talking to each other like we're doing now...maybe nt all even..hais.whatever it is...i hope i make the right decisions..=)


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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

went holland v with cat just now for our "coffee gossip" session.haha.met her around 4:3o at buona vista and WALKED to holland v...k la..not say very far la..but..we like walk very long leh.hah..'cos we both did'nt had breakfast and lunch(we are lazy pigs.i woke up around 12 plus..and she's worse.bout 2?lol.), so we ate at the kopitiam there.the food..................erms.nt realli nice la..lol.then, we went to starbucks to have my legendary MOCHA FRAPPE LITE!!hehehehe..so nice^^..but i still prefer the one at wisma one leh...the taste abit diff...lol.hmm.we chat n chat n chat...i forgot what we chat about also..haha.after that we went coffe bean and ordered brownie, tiramisu and tropical passion latte.hehe.fat already la!!always say after eat already sure excercise..but..hehehehe.told you we're lazy pigs already..haha.nvm.tmr i'll do sit ups..PROMISE!!=P


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Saturday, June 17, 2006

just came back 4rm the "stayover"..k la..not exactly just came back la..i reached home around 11 plus and slept till now...suuuuuper tired.it was fun tho..haha.we were suppose to hav a BBQ but instead we went to Escape-.- all thanks to tt NISON CHAN TIAN LING.he keep insisting we go town instead of the bbq gathering cos too little ppl.i dont mind if im wearing "proper" clothes la..but wearing berms and shirt??hello?!?damn idiot la!!but luckily shu hui and the rest decided to go waste the bbq money n pay $16.50 for the ticket to Escape.and guess what.we reached there around 6 plus and the theme park closes at 8.double-.- can....but..still had fun la..haha.but seriously i would still prefer having the bbq.ohwells..anyway..we sat quite a number of rides..so fun!!but some i a lil ham ji la..haha.esp tt nison!!dont wana sit this dont wana sit tt...say will vomit or headache dn noe wat shit...lol..super gu niang la...ohhohh.yun jun went too..hahas..everybody changed alot la..and i mean in a good way..and irealised something..nison and glenn realli talk like each other..if i would close my eyes and hear nison speak, i tell you ah..they suuuper sound alike lor...realli birds of the same feather flock together..hahas.hmm.i guess of ALL the rides the go cart was the nicest..hahas.so fun la!!but the thing is we only get to play it once=( cos it closes at 8..........idiot.but anyways..cos EVERYTHING also cannot ride, we went to WhiteSands to have dinner..i had CHICKE CURRY with bread..so nice!!!yummy yummy!i would go there speacially to eat tt again lor..hahas.okok.then after tt my dad came n send us to jie ying's house for our sleepover..hmm.alot of things happened la..her parents quarreled..fought..blah blah..and her sis sort of "ran away" from hm and we went to find her..ohh.wee CHONG nt kiong..haha.was there too lor..such a small world..he found her n we all sat there and started talking and talking..then!!here comes the exciting part!hahas.we planned to go Tang Dynasty explore..hehehehe.cool rite...when we went there ah...realli creepy can..the whole place was lik in a ruin and was in total darkness..we carried candles and 1 pathetic lousy torchlight along with us cos before that we coulnt find any..at tt time was probably around 4 plus alredy i guess..the whole place was realli creepy lor..we went into this room..it used to be a restraunt la but when we step into it, we felt winds leh..and the worse thing is its an enclosed room..i dont know whether is it science or watever la but its sure creepy..we all freaked out..wee chong saw "heads"..i mean doll heads la..suuper freaky can..there were broken glass pieces, wires and pipes all over the place..so we were pretty noisy..hahas.oh.and b4 tt..we were made to walk in pairs..some superficial beliefs i guess..but better be safe than sorry right..we explored quite a huge area la..but it was'nt even one tenth of the whole palace lor..at out last stop, the guys wanted to go down some spiral staircase to somewhere but rui xia fely something and pleaded us nt to continue..soon after she said tt we heard something drop 4rm dn noe where..we were suuuper freaked out la!!all my hair stand can....after hearing tt sound we quickly head back to te exit where we came 4rm..after stepping out of the palace we were all kind of relievd but then the creepy and spine chilling feeling was still there..so we sat at mac to calm down awhile..ruixia was suuper quiet all along after tt..but she just would'nt say what she saw or felt..she just said its best not to say it out..jie ying said even if we go into Tang Dynasty in broad day light inside would still be very dark..just a teeny weeny brighter tts all.mayb i shld go there again sometime?hahas.so anyway..after tt we went back to jie ying's place to wash up and get our bags..our next plan was going to wee chong's place to watch "ren rou char sao bao"..which means char sao bao made with human meat.its a thriller la..realli wana watch lor...but...............we brought the wrong vcd along -.- damn sian...so we just go to his room and chill..not long after i conked off...hahas.his pillow so soft n nice la....jie ying and i slept while shu hui, ruixia and the guys played dai dee..lol.not long later wee chong dozed off also..and we all woke up at around...9 plus??yupp.then we drag our lazy butts go home..hahas.yupp.tts my "story"..haha..realli had alot of fun^^


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Friday, June 16, 2006

this is my second blog!yeay!aha.got bored of my first one so i made another one..hahas.hmms.ok..to update,im studying in Ngee Ann now..biotech 1f02..was'nt as great as i thought it would be..work loads are like mountain high..ok la..im exaggerating a lil but really stressed..but i managed to pass 2 modules so far!!ipc n mb..yeay!!..ahah.oh and..currently "enjoying" single life..i kinda miss him now and then..thinking back bout the past..realli wanted to just shut my mind from all the drama..guess there's no turning back i guess.but hey, it aint that bad either la..had really good times with my friends and tomorrow im going for our 6N gathering!!^^so cute rite...hahas..its been like..1..2..3....6 yrs since i've seen some of them..and of cos some i see till dn wana see alredy..ahahah.but the sad thing is...less than 3/4 of the class is going la!!...but what the hell..we're gonna have a hell of a time RITE???aha!hmmmmm.....guess i'll stop here for now..it's like 2:30 in the morning alredy???oh goodness..kk..nites^^
*its gnna be another sun sunny day^^


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