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Sunday, July 30, 2006

yeay!finally its the last day of our promoter job!!hehe.im $280 richer..hehehe.but that 280 bucks really hard earn money lor........damn tired..n suuper hot too...lol.lalal.now im sick of pasir ris n east coast alredy..hahas.not laying foot in any of those places for the next few months..hahas.but all the 4 days quite fun la..not a bad experience..hehe.yeay!^^


signedsealed.9:14 PM

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Tuesday, July25

finally got the time to blog..lols.wanted to blog bout the many things that happened during the past few days but i came home too late and was sooo dead beat..anyways.we went to Pasir Ris ti give out sample diapers!!hehe.so cute right??plus we're earning 70bucks per day..hehe.no doubt it was tiring but for the money its all worth while..hahas.the first day we did, daryl & i were so enthu that we started to chiong everybody we see on the pathway..but on the sunday which was the second day, we were so sian till we stroll to our "customers" and kept our conversation short and sweet...after these few days at PasirRis i dont think i'll be stepping into this park for quite some time man..so damn sian la!lol.ohh..while we were giving out the sample diapers, we came across this lady who's in-charge of the Centre For Accepted Children Home.she was baby-sitting tis new-born baby and she asked if Drypers could sponsor them..lol.but what really made me move to tears was the little new-born..he was struggling to get up cos he was uncomfortable..and obviously he doesnt have enough strength cos he's a new-born..and then i suddenly felt pity for the baby..how can a parent abandon such a cute baby...hais...after seeing the baby i made up my mind to help out as a volunteer in that children's home straight after my exams..mayb this may help me pursue my dreams of being a paediatritian..i know this dream seems far-fetched la..but..im gonna try my best in contributing to making every unfortunate kid feel a little happiness and feel a little more blessed..hehe.^^

musical night.hahas.

signedsealed.12:10 AM

Saturday, July 22, 2006

so freakin tired la...have been sleeping at 2am for the pass few days..all because of the stupid CATS..but finally its over..lol.oh.and that explains why i havent been blogging for quite awhile..nthn mush happened for the past few days la..except that i went for 4C cum 4D bbq outing..justin came along too and kelvin was suppose to be there but pang seh us to go pao mei mei..hahas.anyways..was fun la..kk..so i zoom to today...hmms.went eat pizza hut at Bukit Timah Plaza after my CATS with zhiyuan..and guess what..i saw chinwei...was talking bout him to zhiyuan and our conversation went like this..cheryl:"hais..later scaly see chinwei here..really wana see him lehh..he will always be at sports complex one.." zhiyuan:"u see him then how?" cheryl:"dn noe lehh..say hi lor..but i always come here with my classmates dn see him lehh" and.............POOFF!!he was sitting there with this other girl....always one leh!!!hais.i just walked pass like i never see him...so contradicting to what i said right..hais.and so zhiyuan and i talk and talk bout him till we reached pizza hut..we odered set lunches and still, we're talking bout him..lol.hais.whatever la..hope we can be friends again soon...okok.so after lunch with zy i went to aljunied with justin and a few of our skates people to aljunied for our job briefing tmr...its gna be so fun!!..our meeting lasted longer then i expected..but i still made it in time to meet the rest..so pai seh la..everybody was like staring..but we all were really pretty tonight...hehe.the guys too la..hahas.but hor..the musical suuuper not nice lor!!not worth our 10 bucks leh!!the band sucks..the choir sucks..the storyline also so lame one lor...lol.the nicest part was the photo-taking one..hehe.so fun!!hehe.took lotsa lotsa photos..i forgot to bring mine!!Arrgh!lol..yupp=)ohh..tmr we are giving out sample diapers on skates at pasir ris!!hahas.the guys have to wear sandwitch boxes..hahah.so funny....yupp.k la.. suuuper tired liao..tmr gta wake up at 7 summore!!lol!seriously cant wait..=)


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Saturday, July 15, 2006
When there was Me and You

It's funny when you find yourself
Looking from the outside
I'm standing here but all I want
Is to be over there
Why did I let myself believe
Miracles could happen
Cause now I have to pretend
That I don't really care

I thought you were my fairytale
A dream when I'm not sleeping
A wish upon a star
Thats coming true
But everybody else could tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
When there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody
That I heard you singing
And when you smiled
You made me feel
Like I could sing along
But then you went and changed the words
Now my heart is empty
I'm only left with used-to-be's
And once upon a song

Now I know you're not a fairytale
And dreams were meant for sleeping
And wishes on a star
Just don't come true
Cause now even I can tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
Because I liked the view
When there was me and you

I can't believe that I could be so blind
It's like you were floating
While I was falling And I didn't mind

Cause I liked the view
Thought you felt it too
When there was me and you

signedsealed.1:39 PM


sian..today reached home late again..hais.reached home bout 12 plus...suuper tired!!after CATS sweeyin accompanied me to collect "something"..lol..we did manicures too!!!mine's $6.90 "ONLY"..lol.not really nice la..but must keep phsycho-ing myself that its nice..hahas.we sat at coffe bean and shared a regular mocha ice blended and a brownie..soo nice!!^^hehe.after that we went ice skating!!actually din feel like going at first cos im running out of cash..but still went.lol.oh oh!!and FINALLY, i know how to do snow plough already!!!hehehehehe.=Dso happy.keke.lalalala.actually that's bout it la...oh...took 99 with justin cos no more 172 alredy......sians.he alighted firs to put down his stuff then after that he'll skate to my busstop and sort of "send" me home..but i went home myself..hahas.then he came for nothing..haha..but damn scary la...while i was walking back got this indian guy following me..lol.luckily justin came..haha.today was fun la.....hehehehehe.=Dbut hor..........need to study liao=( i wana work too...haiya.hmm.sian lor...lol.


signedsealed.1:38 AM

Sunday, July 09, 2006

just reached home..rather moody la..cos suuuper tired..lol.yesterday we went for NDP!!so fun.hehehe.but its quite a let down la..no goodie bags.=(...WHAT'S NDP WITHOUT GOODIE BAGS?!?!?!hais...why this year s'pore so kiam siap one..i was soooo looking forward to the goodie bags lor......its the hightlight can!?!!..hmm.actually have la..they give us a toysa'rus plastic bag with a s'pore flag, a pair of red and white clappo sticks(whatever you call'em) and a bottle of water-.- so dniao right!!damn kiam lor!!anyways.i met up with sy and nessa at jp to fetch them to my house and put down our stuffs..cos affter the parade both of them coming my house for a sleepover^^..we went to jp supposedly to eat but on the way down nessa remembered that she left her phone in my room and i "thought" i left my ez-link at home too...so i ran back home to fetch it and i realised its in my pouch all along-.- but anyways its kindof a "blessing" in disguise la cos...........when i reached the playground i saw the XIA RI guy!!hahahas.he lives in westwood too lor!!!haaaas..soo happy lars...but i still prefer HIM better..hehe.ya..so we met wee chong and justin at je mrt..we were late=P but ohwells..gentlemen always have to wait for the ladies one right..hahaha.=Pthe ride there was suuper long..was sooo looking forward to the goodie bags la..but it was when we reached there then we realisd there were no goodie bags provided...hais..the place we sat was ok..not too near not too far...but the stupid sun was like shinning so brightly into our eyes..i think we all have 2 different tones on our faces already..hahas.even the photos i took with justin, our eyes were both closed..hahas.shortly after, the celeration started..nothing special la actually...all the same old routines and dances...quite boring..even the fighter jets were'nt as exciting as the past years..and only 2 or 3 types of planes flew by only lor...but towards the end was damn nice!!the fireworks were awesome..we keep taking pictures of it...suuper nice..hehe.hmm.that's all for the ndp lor..after everything ended we waited for eric...we waited bout 2 hrs lor!!..we were the last to leave the stadium..he was soo guilty to make us wait that he treated us to eat at lau pah sa...we ate stingray..sotong..tou fu.etc...suuper nice..hehe.plus its free!!including te drinks..hahas.FORGOT to return justin the money..anyway he forgot to ask it back also..so we all diam diam..ahahaha..jkjkjk...it really slipped out our minds la..hehehe.after eating we took the cab back together with justin..he so funny lor!!we scared he no money to pay the taxi uncle then sweeyin say if not enough money to pay taxi fare just let the uncle touch his butt..ahahah.we went home and wen online we continue crapping..hahaha.very funny la that guy...he's an idiot also.cos he always call me giu giu!really sad lo..*sniffs*..anyways..HE was online too!then "we" talked to him online...both of them gave me suggestions as to what to say and all..and we talked rather long...so happy...even got to know his b'day and stuff...suuper happy..hehe.^^ohh..and after he went offline we watched all the japanese prank shows on youtube..damn funny la!!!we laughed till our tummy ached..haha.esp the one with the suana one and th hard gay one..ahahaha..U FOOOOOO!!HAAHAHAH.yeay..so happy...today we woke up at around 11 plus..suppose to go to church but overslpet=Pmy mum was suuper pissed..oops=X..hahas..we just did the project the whole afternoon and we ordered pizza for breakfast cum lunch...hahas...yummy^^..my days have never been happier and interesting..come to think of it im enjoying singlehood...but sometimes really hoped he noticed me or something..ohwells...lalala~

pretty hor?!?!there are others la but i find these are the best shots i took.hehe. yeye!!hehe^^

signedsealed.9:07 PM

Friday, July 07, 2006

just came back from ice-skating..im like suuper wet cold and sticky lor....the hockey guys kept shaving ice on us especially the guy in pink!!they say he's only sec 3..he looks 17 or 18 lor...lol.he's like only 15 and yet so irritating=Xspray ice on me still ask me issit cooling-.-....and my blister still hurts..but overall its fun...im still learning snow plough!!!!but nvm..almost there..haha.ohoh!!and that stupid wee chong and justin keep poking my face la!!always fall for their trap one lor..so arrgh!!hahas.yupp.in between i skated with berenice round the rink a few rounds gossiping and chatting..so nice..hehe.but seriously im kinda exhausted cos im having 2 ccas on consecutive days..like i havent rest enough yet then "excercise" again..hahas.ok la..i admitt im weak k..lol.suuper tired can........anyways..cant wait for tmr!!justin, wee chong, sweeyin, nessa and a couple more guys and me are going for NDP!!hehehehe.im like sooo looking forward to the goodiebag la!!thats the highlight man..hahahaha.so fun!!we all plannin wear red tmr but i dnt hav red shirts lehh!!lol!nvm la..i'll just make-do with some other coloured t-shirts and pretend its red..hahas.lalalala~hehe^^

<--anyways tt's our afeter skates dinner..hehe.^^

signedsealed.11:43 PM

Thursday, July 06, 2006

suuper tired!!!just came back not long ago from in-line skates training..i just plopped on my bed and fell asleep..hahas.woke up and bathe blah blah and now blogging..really no time for studies lor..sian..anyways..met justin at my block..he scared the hell out of me when he came..sweeyin accommpanied me to wait for him..so sweet right..hahas.then we went to kismis court..when we reached there it was about 4 plus 5...nobody was there lor!!so we sat at the swing chat chat and i told him bout the hard gay thing..hahas.sooo funny...i kep telling him bout him assuming he dosent know bout it..then when i finished laughing and talking he told he watch that video alredy-.- he's always like that one lor!!idiot..hahas.people started to come one by one..at first it drizzled abit so me and this girl..oh no i forgot her name =X lol!anyways..we seeked shelter at the toilet there..and chatted bout our courses blah blah..after awhile the rain stopped so we started skating again..i'm still trying to master the hockey brake!!arrgh!..kelvin got it..daniel got it..even wee chong also know alredy lor!!hmmps!okok..so fastforward to the dinner part....we skated till he court lights were off and went to bukit timah market to eat...we skated there..alot of slopes and stairs...scary lor..lucky got justin.hahas.i ate satay bee hoon..interesting right..then hor!!whil we were eating..the rest of the guys like keep di-siao-ing m eand justin lor..=.= so childish can...anyways..justin says im fat!!!!!!!!sad lor!!he calls me Q Q.......cos my arms soft soft one....then he keep laughing....idiot.wait till i find out that cartoon's name ah..i gna suan u like hell lor!!!=Phehe.lalala~


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Monday, July 03, 2006

yupp=)there you go..our urban skating "trip" hahas.

signedsealed.11:33 PM


today was rather intersting..hahas.firstly, i got to school and my first lecture was IPC..was kinda late..nessa didnt come cos she wasnt feeling well..so i sat beside swee yin.and sweeyin sat beside mingfu.MING FU!haha.she was so sian..haha.we had break and we went to the vending machine opposite the convention centre..the variety of snacks there were limited.(according to MING FU)..so we went to the one beside the convention centre..on our way there, a few booths selling accessorise had been set up and as we passed one of the booths..the 3 of us noticed a really "cute" guy..to me he's ok only la..but MING FU(he's a guy by the way..) he was sooo gaga over him lor..he keep saying that the guy was looking at him..OMG!after we bought our snacks and drinks we walk past him again back to the lecture hall..and yea he was looking but im very sure he's not looking at mingfu lor!!and mingfu keep saying that that guy is gay too..-.-my goodness.....and yet again..he kept arguing that the guy was looking at him..omg!!okok..so we reached the lecture hall..i saw belle and talked to her for awhile outside..when i came back he was talking to this guy called gilbert..wanting to tease mingfu cos he once mentioned (ok..nt once..many a times..lol) that nigel and gilbert are one of the most hottest guys in LSCT.haha!ya..so i teased him and motioned him to twril his hair and flutter his eys..and he really did!!HAHA!then after that to make things worse, he told gilbert i was interested in him..-.-hello??!it was minfu who's interested in him lor!use me as an excuse..idiot..lol.okok.so after lecture mingfu wanted to go see that booth guy again!!!!sweeyin and i were speechless i tell you..haha.ya so we went to patronise his booth...lol..like that also shiok...cant stand him man..lol.after we walked off he said he cant stand it anymore and kept blabbering about how hot he is andwanted to go back ask the him whether he was looking at him or both me and sweeyin..lol..interesting fella ah?haha.okok..then its micro bio practical..we did microscopy of fungi blah blah..and i burnt my hair!!!i was doing my slides so seriously and suddenly i smelt something very familliar..it was a burnt hair smell..lol!i forgot to tie up my hair-.- my poor fringe...lol.after school i went to meet justin to re-grip his racket at Bukit Timah Plaza..he's friend ryan came along and so we went there together..after re-gripping his racket we planned to eat at kfc cos ryan was hungry..we went to wrong floor so we walked back through NTUC..when we reached there he said he din wana eat already.=.= so dniao lor..haha.then we went to Bukit Timah CC to have out badminton compitition..when we reached there we were really demorallised lor!!everybody was so damn pro during the practise..we even thought of giving up and just go home skate or something..but in the end we won till the semi-finals!!my first badminton compitition and i got so far...haha.actually justin's the one doing all the work..haha.all i did was switch serves...haha.yeay!!but.............the semi-final match is on fri...we have ice-skating on that day..so we gave up our position..=(but anyway ice-skating's much more important!!hahas.so din really mind..=)ohh..and i saw wee leong there too..they lost the first match i think..so didnt get to compete with him..lol..yupp.that's how my day went...hope tomorrow would be better=)


signedsealed.10:44 PM

Sunday, July 02, 2006

yet again,im suuper exhausted..just came back not long ago..went roller-blading with justin, wee chong, kelvin and daniel..they say it's "urban skating".hahas.basicly we just skate around the jurong estate ad cross many roads and traffics lights thats all la..oh and "jay-skate" too..haha.very very fun....but i fell suuper lots of times lor!!the firs time was when leaving daniel's block..the slope down to the pavement..all the guys cleared it soo easily lor..ut i fell..on my butt somemore...damn painful la!!the rest all countless la..fell to many times already..lol.we went to the skate park at Jurong Lake Park..oh..and that's where i fell again..they asked my to try the slope board..and yea..i hesitate a lil but still i tried...and i fell obviously..my organs felt like it shifted places again....and my back feels worse after that considering i have back problems already...the guys tried the U-shape board..commonly used by skate boarders..kelvin was like damn pro la...the board was soooo steep..eve justin, the in-line skates PRESIDENT fell..and didnt dare to try it lor...wee chong and daniel kept attempting and falling..hahas..was so freaking funny la...hahas.ohh..after everything we took a group photo..will post it up after wee chong send me the pic..hehe.we went S11 to eat after that..was sooo hugry la..the ba chor mee tasted like heaven..haha..we went to some where near jie ying's house and skated at a BIG cemented area...the floor damn smooth...when the wheels go over it the feeling damn shiok...justin taught all of us the "hockey-brake"not exactly hockey brake la but its simillar..havent really mastered it yet but almost there..haha.i fell ALOT of times..both my wrist now are swollen...my knee got a few abrasions..it's all worth it!!hahas.whatever la..we bought frinks after that and went to wee chong hs sit sit awhile..then my parents came to fetch..yupp.that was how my day went..lalala~ohh!!i watched soccer last night!!hehe.i watch the match on england versus portugal..christiano ronaldo sooo handsome can?!?!lol!he scored the last penalty kick and won the game..haha.wee chong at home crying like siao already..hahas.but..........he talked to me yesterday while i was watching the match...........ARRGH!!so sad lor...........when i went back to my com he offline le...hais...ohwells..i said i'll give up and never remininisce..its so difficult..really hope one day he would realli notice me...arrggh!!blehh..............


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Saturday, July 01, 2006

my maid went back today..so woke up at 6 plus in the morning!yesterday had ice-skating training..and was so damn tired and thought can sleep till very late in the morning..but have to wake up damn early la!!..lwe sent her to the airport blah blah...cried and all...when we reached home i just ploped on my bed and sleep.lol..planned to wake up at bout 1 plus to study but in the end i slept the whole afternoon.hahas.i kinda miss her already leh...hais.life's not gonna be the same anymore..nobody to bicker with anymore..damn sian la like that..oh..and after we send my maid home..my parents went to fetch our new maid...very weird la...not used to her "yes ma'am yes ma'am"..my maid would just tell us off when we ask her to do smthn..but this one...soooooo obeidient..lol.anyways................i still dont know hao to do snow plough!!!!!!!!arrghh!!damn irritating can.........i can do it with the house skates leh...the feeling totally different when im on my hockey skates..i can go soo much faster..but the snow ploughing and hockey brakes i gota start from scrap again..........sian........ohwells. lalala~


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